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Account Manager

Job Responsibilities:
1. Complete customer visits and product sales independently;
2. Responsible for customer development, establish stable customer relationships, and maintain existing customer resources;
3. Write customer research reports and customer solutions;
4. Analyze and forecast current customer needs and formulate effective sales strategies;
5. Complete the sales target;
6. Conduct business negotiations, participate in the formulation of specific terms of the sales contract and the signing of the contract.
1. Experience in aviation material sales is preferred;
2. Strong communication skills, able to calmly deal with high-level negotiations and medium and large-scale training;
3. Pay attention to efficiency, can adapt to high-intensity, fast-paced work environment, have passion, and have a strong sense of teamwork;
4. Strong learning ability and challenging spirit;
5. Have strong market development, customer communication skills, strong communication skills and team management skills;
6. Have a profound industry resource background and certain customer resources, with keen observation, analysis and judgment ability;
7. Able to withstand greater work pressure and sales performance requirements.


Sales Assistant

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for assisting the sales manager in quotation, customer communication, order delivery management, etc.

2. Make sales orders and connect with finance;
3. Maintain the relationship with long-term customers;


1. College degree or above;

2. Have certain English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;

3. Good language expression and strong communication skills, conscientious and meticulous work, proactive, good at learning and innovation.


Head Office: Flat/RM 32, 11/F, Lee Ka Industrial Building, 8 NG Fong Street, San Po Kong, KL, Hong Kong.

Shanghai office: Building 1,No.579 Dongxing Road, Shanghai,China.



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